All the Oregon Scientific products reflect the company’s commitment to innovation, efficiency and dependability. Located in the picturesque mountains of Portland, the company, whose motto is “Smart Living”, manufactures products that truly enhance your everyday life. Our site breaks down products into the following sections: weather, audio, sports and fitness, youth, and timing.

Oregon Scientific Weather and Timing

The Oregon Scientific weather products on our site are incredibly reliable, all-in-one devices. Weather stations and forecasters provide the consumer with time, weather, indoor & outdoor temperature and humidity readings. Several models even keep track of the climate in more than one room. The featured technologies are both inventive and efficient, trusted by professionals around the world.

Our timing section features the best of Oregon Scientific self-setting clocks; any model would make a great addition to the modern household. The Black Series displays local and world time, animated weather icons and carries alarm /snooze functions and more. Projection clocks will display time and temperature on any surface and adjust time automatically via a radio signal transmitted from Fort Collins, Colorado. Oregon Scientific clocks are the perfect gifts, providing friends and family with a fun and innovative time piece.

In our sports and fitness category you will find pedometers, pulse meters, heart rate, blood pressure, and body fat monitors. If your doctor requires you monitor your health daily or if you just want to make sure you are getting the most out of a workout, these tools will help you live a happy, healthy life. Do not forget to also check out our Audio, Telephone, Youth and Camera sections.